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Water Filtration.

70% of your total body weight is made up of water which circulates, cleanses and renews the body. Your body needs the cleanest, best quality water for a long and healthy life.

But how can you be sure the tap water you're drinking has the quality your body needs, and the taste you are going to enjoy?

The following filters will assist in making a healthy choice, and are all available at Barrie's Water Centre.

Undersink Filtration Kits

The undersink filtration kits consist of one or two housings. All fittings are supply and are plumbed into the cold water line with the filtered water supplied instantly through a chromed goose-neck tap. The type of filter required would depend on the type of water being utilised (i.e. rainwater, bore water, municipal etc).

Counter Top Systems

These portable systems are ideal for those on the move, or people renting. The units are screwed onto the end of the tap to be accessed. This system has a quick, even flow rate, swivel spout and a flick switch from filtered water to unfiltered tap water, and back again.

Waterco Stoneware Filters

These gravity water filters are constructed from porcelain and are attractively glazed. They are mobile enough for home or office, and suit most decor. This option doesn't require plumbing or electrical connections. The only maintenance required is regular cleaning of the ceramic cartridge, and replacement of the cartridge periodically.

Fridge Filters

Most fridge filters are extremely expensive and difficult to source sometimes. Here at Barrie's, we recognised the need for easily sourced and reasonably priced filters that can be easily adapted to fit nearly all fridges.

Reverse Osmosis Purification Units

The ultimate in water filtration! Reverse Osmosis (RO) water removes all types of chemicals from water. Water is forced against a semi-permeable membrane, allowing only the smallest molecules of water to pass through, leaving you with the purest form of water. There are no mechanical or electrical parts to this system. Water is stored in a holding tank, ready to be used when you turn the tap on.

Whole of House Filtration

This type of filtration comes in various forms from large housings designed to hold carbon filters that need to be replaced every twelve months to large cylinders that automatically backflush the carbon. This means the carbon media only has to be replaced every few years (depending on water quality)!

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