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Water Softeners.

Hard water harms nearly every item in your home, leaving mineral deposits and scale build-up on everything your water touches. Hard water is especially tough on plumbing and on water using appliances resulting in more repairs and more frequent replacement - costing Australians millions of dollars every year. Here in the Limestone Coast, this is especially true!

Most water authorities in Australia generally only apply a basic treatment process to water to ensure it is safe for human consumption. However, municipal and well-based (bore) water supplies for the home are not always treated for iron and minerals which cause
"hard" water.

At Barrie's Water Centre, we specialise in all facets of water softening.

Twin Tank Fully Automatic Water Softener

Aquatrol is an established business in Adelaide at the forefront of international industry standards.

Aquatrol Technologies bring homeowners and commercial operations the best choice, and the logical choice in residential and commercial systems. If you're looking for high performance, high efficiency and dependable operation, we've got the system for you.

Our Logix series controllers for our Aquatrol brand valves set the standard for achieving superior water treatment for you and your family or business.

Matching the correct Aquatrol softener to the demands of your home or business is vital to ensure an uninterrupted supply of softened water. Therefore, we test your water supply and apply the appropriate calculations to determine the right sized for your individual needs.

Fully Automatic Water Softener

This water softener is suitable for people connected to the the town water supply (Blue Lake water). If you are looking for perfectly soft water, this is the softener for you.

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